Denali Anesthesia
P. O. Box 140227
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When you provide your billing information upon admission to the hospital, this info is forwarded to our professional billing company, Anesthesia Business Consultants (ABC). You do not need to contact us unless you have been contacted by ABC for the need to update the information.  Please notify ABC immediately if your address, phone number or insurance info changes.  Please be aware that you will receive two bills for anesthesia services:  one from the hospital for the supplies, equipment and medication used during your surgery, and one from Denali Anesthesia for the direct care and services provided by the anesthesiologist or CRNA.

Please call ABC at 1-800-275-8752 for any questions regarding your statement, claim status, or payment obligations.



Denali Anesthesia
P.O. Box 202149
Anchorage, Alaska 99520

Payments go directly to a lockbox service at our bank, whereupon ABC is forwarded the deposit info and EOBs after bank processing.

ABC takes credit card web payments according to the instructions on your statements, or by mailing a check to the above payment PO Box.



Your surgeon’s office will make the necessary arrangements to schedule your surgical procedure.

We provide 24-hour in-house coverage for anesthesia services at Alaska Regional Hospital, which makes for immediate availability.  When possible, we will honor your request for a specific anesthesia provider, depending upon our call schedule and the anesthesia provider’s availability on your particular day of surgery.  For example, if you request one of our cardiac anesthesiologists for a non-cardiac surgical procedure, s/he may be unavailable due to the cardiac call schedule.